MediBelt has been designed to fit almost any make of stretcher, backboard or cot.

The MediBelt system allows a medical staff member to change a soiled restraint in less than one minute. In an industry where hygienic conditions make all the difference, the MediBelt system helps protect patients, staff and crew from the spread of deadly diseases, bacteria and other contaminents.

Not only can you replace contaminated webbing instantly with clean webbing, you can sterilize the restraint's hardware and wash the soiled webbing. This is an added cost-saving benefit of this remarkable system.

MediBelt couldn't be easier to use. No tools are required in using this system. First loop the webbing around the stretcher bar and then loop the webbing through the adjustable connector. Next, loop the adjustable stainless steel buckle. This is done by looping the webbing around the adjuster bar.